Colour Run


14 April 2017

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Colour Run

Colour Run

Fundraising Activity:
Here is the link to take part! (Click £26 and Team name “Manchester Deaf Centre Dipti”)…/eve…/40491854/select-race…


Any problems please contact Shivani at

I want to give HUGE thanks to runners who already joined in the Color Run on 1st July! And for anyone who is thinking about joining us – PLEASE come and join us!


It’ll be FUN! And we can share the fun as a team and have a barrel of laughs! I am e-mailing to give details as much as I can; if I miss anything out please let me know.


Sponsorship form:


Please find the attached form – we will be SO grateful if you can ask people to sponsor you! We need to raise at least £800 – that would be fantastic! Any questions about the form, please let me know.
Forms can also be got at the Manchester Deaf Centre.


When you complete the form, please collect the money and give it to us at the centre after when the run is completed.


Saturday 1st July 2017


The run will start at 11am. Can we meet at 10am at Asda near the stadium.


After the event:

You are WELCOME to join in for drinks, to celebrate the run! Follow us! It is entirely up to you, to join in for one drink or more! It’ll be lovely to see you all! Once again, thanks SO much for taking the part and we are looking forward very much to sharing the fun with YOU! If you have any questions about the event, timing, meeting point, sponsorship, please drop me a line and I’ll answer promptly.


For anyone who is thinking; please come! And let me know if you are interested then I will put your name down. So far we have 8 runners!


Many thanks again!


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