History of MDC

History of MDC

“Manchester Institute for the Deaf” was established in 1846 with the objective of providing relief to the deaf, hard-of-hearing and deaf-blind residents of Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.


It was a central hub for sharing information , advice, education and provided facilities for social activities,.  Since then, we have come a long way in our 170 years but our core objectives are still as relevant today as they ever have been.


“Manchester Institute for the Deaf” was originally located on Grosvenor Street, but moved to its current location within Crawford House in 1974.   A name change to “Manchester Deaf Centre” followed in 1990.


For the 165th anniversary of Manchester Deaf Centre, we launched our Helping Hands appeal to raise money to refurbish and remodel the centre’s facilities which had become tired and out-dated.


The appeal helped us improve the quality and range of services we are able to provide to the Deaf community.  The increase in space and quality of facilities have also allowed us to develop new community partnerships and accomodate more people, services and groups.


The refurbishment work wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of some incredible trusts that came together to provide us with crucial financial backing, many of whom continue to provide us with ongoing support for our various projects.




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