MDC Focuses on Quality

Manchester Deaf Centre is committed to providing services that are high quality, safe and well-run!


With this in mind, we will shortly be submitting the evidence required to achieve two nationally recognised, externally-validated service quality awards:


  • Ambitions Quality Bronze Award (for organisations working with young people), and
  • PQASSO (Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations)


Those of you who attended our ‘Sustainability Party’ on 22nd June 2017 will be aware that we are focusing for the rest of the year on promoting quality in all aspect of the organisation and our work.


We hope that by achieving both of these quality awards, we will demonstrate that Manchester Deaf Centre:


  • Focuses on our service users
  • Encourages positive outcomes and impact for service users, volunteers and staff
  • Has robust safeguarding provision
  • Embraces diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Is focused on developing strong, efficient and safe staff and volunteers
  • Has safe premises, managed resources and clear health & safety responsibilities
  • Is well administered
  • Has strong leadership, management and governance
  • Works in partnership with other organisations
  • Is open to new ideas and embraces areas for improvement


We’ll keep you up dated how we are getting on!  If you’d like any more information about our progress or would like to contribute to either awards, please contact:


Rachel Jebb (Ambitions Quality Award)




Annie Roberts (PQASSO)



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