Online Introduction to British Sign Language

Online Introduction Course

Relevant for: all staff
Course length: 5 hours (1 hour per week)
Delivery method: online (via Zoom)

Course Outline

British Sign Language is a rich and beautiful language comprised of hand gestures, facial expressions and body movements. It is also a lot of fun to learn.

This online version of our 5 hour introductory course takes place in a live, interactive online classroom, led by one of our experienced tutors who is a native BSL user.

It will provide an insight into this fascinating visual language, and equip you with the basic skills needed to engage in conversation with a staff member or a customer whose first language is British Sign Language. Content will usually include:

- welcomes and introductions
- names
- finger spelling
- introduction to work related vocabulary tailored to your organisation

Perfect as a training and development option for staff who are currently furloughed or working from home.

Cost: £350 Maximum group size: 5

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